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The FOUNDRY is a community for creatives that fosters, encourages and celebrates the diverse talents within the Cumberland Valley, giving artists an opportunity to network, create, exhibit and sell their work. We provide artists with resources and an outlet to grow their talent and build their business acumen while also bridging the gap to educate the community and create excitement and awareness about our local well of talent.

Interested in becoming a Member?

Please review these frequently asked questions:

Any artist or craftsperson who lives and works in the Central PA region. Artists are asked to submit quality photos of their best work – samples of what they would like to sell in the shop. Applicants will be juried and invited to join the organization.

As a Full Member of The FOUNDRY, you will receive…

  • Feature member window opportunity
  • Gallery Exhibit Opportunity
  • Member page on website
  • Included in Foundry marketing and promotion
  • Priority for commission work
  • Participation in Mentorship Program [when in place – goal for future]
  • Artist community & networking – knowledge pool to gather from – both ideas and collaboration
  • Opportunities for development – both as an artist and in business
  • Reputation & relationships associated with Chambersburg’s Artist Cooperative
  • Opportunities to teach and increase income
  • Additional perks as developed

There are several levels of Full Membership geared to meet different budgets and schedules.

  • $50 per month – 25% commission to sell & teach. Work 4 hours in the shop each month, or for members who travel, 48 hours within the year. [we have proven people sell when they are in the shop]
  • $30 per month – 25% commission to sell & teach. Work 8 hours in the shop each month
  • $25 per month – 20% commission to sell and teach – 12+ hours each month

This level is for artists who spend a majority of their time on their craft and show/sell regularly. There are two options for this level…

  • No Fee – 40% commission to sell – 25% commission to teach – 10% fee on any commission work received through the Foundry
  • No Fee – 30% commission to sell – 25% commission to teach – 10% fee on any commission work received through the Foundry – 5 hours per month investing back into the Foundry and its members through serving on a committee and/or being part of the Mentorship Program.


  • Available October – January Only [AppleFest thru IceFest]
  • No Fee
  • 40% commission to sell and teach

As an Artist Cooperative, members are asked to take responsibilty for aspects of The FOUNDRY organization…

// Volunteer hours to work in the store during open hours
// Advertise The Foundry (events/etc) through personal email lists and resources (social media)
// Continue to be a working artist (create and show new work on a regular basis)
// Attend events, openings and meetings
// Ensure a safe and respectful environment for all participants
// Help with the cleaning and maintenance of co-op facilities

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