Alcohol Ink, Watermarbeling

& Beadwork/Wire Wrapping

Stacy Bowles Moonstone Muse Studio

My career trajectory has been far from linear – I’m a multipotentialite (Google it). I began my career as a graphic designer; soon after I morphed into a web/database application programmer. From there I switched gears and was a non-fiction storyteller and technical writer for a NASA contractor. Yep. I wrote about Near-Earth asteroids and the scientific experiments on board the International Space Station. I’ve provided project management, creative direction and technical guidance for eLearning, learning-centered content. Currently I’m a sales proposal writer by day, an inventor/artist/industrial designer wannabe by night (well, 24/7, if I’m honest). Go figure. For the most part, the items I create lie at the intersection of art and science – that focus could very well change tomorrow. As writing is a fairly structured process (and keeps me in my head), I tend to favor abstract and free-form art where I can work with my hands. The items that you see listed are the result of experimentation and play. Each item is a perfectly imperfect one-of-a-kind original. If you would like to see a particular medium or subject matter – send me a note. I’m always up for a challenge.